SATURDAY, 6. 10. 2018, 15.00 h, BDNR


M. Raemakers, R. Logister
From the age of 6 years,running time 50 mins 

Screening projection, animations: R. Severien
Music by: A. Schappert, H. Jank
Cast: M. Raemakers, R. Logister, A. Schappert, H. Jank
Dramaturgy, choreography and directed by: J. Van Steen

Tutu, a sign, metaphor, presents itself in its red shoes. She uses them to trigger different associations of dance styles and creations, from little girl’s dance tot jazz associations. The production Tutu, presents different possibilities of shadow theatre and use of technologies today. The company uses mobile industrial shadow creations, along with perfect work with light and special screen projection. That develops directly in front of our eyes magical dance journey of discovery of the world and history. All that is accompanied by live music. The ensemble is highly popular and lauded in Holland. Their track record includes several dozens of performances worldwide, from Turkey to China. They have performed at puppetry festivals, including the Festival of Wonder in 2017 (ranked among the top 26 most interesting festivals in Europe).The Dutch company features at our Festival for the first-time ever!