The festival’s programme is put together by the Dramaturgical Council (DC), which comprises three members: Iveta Škripková (PTAC Directress), Marián Pecko (PTAC Artistic Director) and Monika Tatarková (PTAC Literary Manager). There are several ways to create a festival’s programme, for instance a public competition, scouting festivals at home and abroad, visiting domestic theatre premieres (for instance, the theatre’s literary manager was on the jury panel for the Hašterica prize) and receiving recommendations from theatrologists who act in the capacity of the film festival’s collaborators. The Dramaturgical Council’s work spans two years, from the closing of one festival’s edition to the opening of the next.

The public competition is open to any interested party who feels that its theatrical output is of any relevance.

Since the festival’s most recent edition, DC members have attended many profile exhibitions at home, for instance Bábková Žilina 2017, Dotyky a spojenia in Martin (2017 & 2018), Nová dráma in Bratislava (2017 & 2018), Divadelná Nitra 2017, but also abroad, for example Skupova Plzeň 2016, Visioni future in Bologna 2017, Charleville-Meziérs 2017, Festival of Wonder in Silkeborg 2017, ASSITEJ festival in Prague 2018, or the puppetry festival in Bielsko-Biała 2018. All the visits have been supported from travelling grants disbursed by the Slovak Arts Council. At these festivals, DC members chose several participants directly, including ensembles from Brazil, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The Dramaturgical Council has received a lot of valuable information on various inspiring shows and trends in their respective countries from theatrologists Nina Malíková and Kateřina Dolenská-Lešková (Czech Republic), Monika Gerbóc (Germany), Lucyna Kozien (Poland), Lotta Nevailainen (Finland), and Vladimír Predmerský, Ida Hledíková and Dáša Čiripová (Slovakia), but also many others.