The International Festival of Puppet Theater Bábkarská Bystrica TOUR 2018, whose main program started on October 5, finished on Tuesday evening, October 9. More than 100 artists from 8 European countries and Latin America visited Banská Bystrica and another 5 towns of the Banská Bystrica Self-governing region—Horný Tisovník, Zemiansky Vrbovok, Pohronský Bukovec, Hriňová and Hrochoť.

The idea of this year’s Impulse TOUR—to bring theater to small villages of our region with approximately 100 inhabitants and just a few children—has been accomplished. It was the first time—or after a very long time—that theatrical performances took place in the villages of Horný Tisovník, Pohronský Bukovec and Zemiansky Vrbovok. A series of meetings with children were held also in the villages of Hriňová and Ladomerská Vieska, where TOUR had taken place two years ago. Another two theatrical performances of this year’s TOUR took place in the primary schools of Banská Bystrica and Hrochoť.
Altogether, 735 spectators, including theater experts, visited this year’s Impulse TOUR.

Since 2010, the main program of the festival has been divided into 2 Impulses.
The program of the First Impulse for Children comprises 16 theatrical performances that took place in various villages and several Banská Bystrica venues—the Puppet Theater at the Crossroads, the State opera and the Studio Dance Theater. This section of the program introduced artists from 7 countries around the world—Brazil, Belarus, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. 1000 children, parents and individual spectators visited these performances.

The program of the Second Impulse for Adults comprises 6 theatrical performances from France, Czech Republic, Slovakia and a Polish-German co-production. These performances took place in the following Banská Bystrica venues—the Puppet Theater at the Crossroads, the Worker’s House and the Missionary House. 615 spectators visited the performances of the Second Impulse.

On the last day of the festival, the Banská Bystrica region’s governor Ján Lunter received various theater experts, the representatives of several theater troupes and the artistic directors of the festival. After four years, the festival was held under governor’s auspices.

The presentation of a theatrological book called Puppets on Czecho-Slovak Frontier (Bábky na česko-slovenskej medzi), published by the Puppet theater at the Crossroads in cooperation with the Theatre Institute in Bratislava and Bábkarská Bystrica TOUR 2018 festival, was another significant event that took place at the festival. This publication is the festival’s contribution to the 100th anniversary of the creation of Czechoslovakia and the Czech-Slovak relations.

Two different exhibitions formed part of the festival program.
The first one was the Exhibition of Family Puppet Theaters created by the Czech and the Slovak families of puppeteers, borrowed from the Slovak National Museum—the Museum of Puppet Culture and Toys in Modrý Kameň. It was held in a Theatre Tent under the Memorial of the Slovak National Uprising in Banská Bystrica. More than 1000 visitors came to see the Exhibition of Family Puppet Theaters.
The second one was a photography exhibition called Slovak puppets in Pilsen, Czech puppets in Bystrica. It reflected the Czech-Slovak festival past in the field of puppet theater. The exhibition was held in the National Science Library in Banská Bystrica.

Apart from the Exhibition of Family Puppet Theaters, the Theater and Dance Explosion of Children’s talents was held in the Theatre Tent. It introduced the work of 8 theater and dance troupes from various art schools, Roma community centers and primary schools in different towns of the Banská Bystrica Self-governing region. The program of the Explosion took place during two prefestival weekends, on September 22, 23, 29 and 30.

3400 visitors and 35 puppet theater experts from the V4 countries and France came to see the theatrical performances and the accompanying exhibitions.


The festival was supported by the Slovak Arts Council, the Banská Bystrica Self-governing region, the city of Banská Bystrica and many other financial sponsors and donors. The main media partner of the festival was RTVS.
Thank you.